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Bridge Coaching Tablecloth
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My husband and another couple have wanted me to learn how to play bridge. They learned the game with a similar plastic cloth, but it has been years since the three of them played. When the tablecloth arrived, I was surprised at how nice it was. The "coaching squares" are easy to read and I'm learning the game much quicker than expected. Even the three of them are using the cloth to brush up on their game!

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A woven fabric (polyester?) tablecloth with very lucid bridge bidding and scoring information screen-printed along each side. Having recently taught our teenagers the basics of bridge, I can attest that beginning and intermediate players will find this an invaluable tool. As a matter of fact, I'm still referring to the hints on what to lead. Includes point counts, opening and responding bids, Blackwood, what to lead, how to keep score, and much more. Table cloth measures 44 x 44 inches to fit most card tables. Edges are whip-stitched.

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